The Evidence Synthesis Hackathon’s online Evidence Synthesis & Meta-Analysis in R Conference (#ESMARConf2022) will be held in January 2022. Following on form the great success of #ESMARConf2021, we can promise an exciting programme of sessions, workshops, and hackathons that address the following:

  • Presentations of packages designed to assist reviewers across evidence synthesis stages, from planning to communication
  • Demonstrations integrating evidence synthesis packages into an interoperable pipeline in R
  • Novel applications of R packages in an evidence synthesis context
  • Automating evidence synthesis in R
  • Assisting novices to R in performing evidence syntheses with the aid of graphical user interfaces

Submit your suggestions for sessions/workshops/hackathon projects

Please submit suggestions for sessions, workshops and hackathon projects using the form below, indicating if you would like to lead one or more subevents. Submissions will close at the end of the day on August 31st 2021.

About ESMARConf2021

ESMARConf2021 had a whopping 514 participants who registered for the conference, and >2,000 viewers (>5,000 views!) on YouTube so far (July 2021)!

Further information

You can read the Evidence Synthesis Hackathon’s Data and Privacy Policy relating to any information you may submit to us here. The Evidence Synthesis Hackathon’s Accessibility, Diversity and Equity Policy is available here.

Many thanks,

The ESMARConf organisers:
Matthew Grainger
Neal Haddaway
Emily Hennessy
Ciara Keenan
Luke McGuiness
Martin Westgate