The Evidence Synthesis Hackathon’s online Evidence Synthesis & Meta-Analysis in R Conference (#ESMARConf2022) will be held on February 21st to 24th 2022 (note the change from January 2022!). Following on form the great success of #ESMARConf2021, we can promise an exciting programme of sessions, workshops, and hackathons that address the following:

  • Presentations of packages designed to assist reviewers across evidence synthesis stages, from planning to communication
  • Demonstrations integrating evidence synthesis packages into an interoperable pipeline in R
  • Novel applications of R packages in an evidence synthesis context
  • Automating evidence synthesis in R
  • Assisting novices to R in performing evidence syntheses with the aid of graphical user interfaces

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This year’s ESMARConf promises to be a very exciting event, full of presentations, panel discussions, training workshops, and hackathons. Check out more on the dedicated ESMARConf website here!

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The Evidence Synthesis Hackathon’s Accessibility, Diversity and Equity Policy is available here.

Many thanks,

The ESMARConf organisers:
Neal Haddaway
Emily Hennessy
Alexandra Bannach-Brown
Matthew Grainger
Kyle Hamilton
Ciara Keenan
Marc Lajeunesse
Chris Pritchard
Jana Stojanova
Martin Westgate