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The Evidence Synthesis Hackathon Series was founded in 2017 by Martin Westgate and Neal Haddaway to drive progress in technology for evidence synthesis. You can read more about our motivations for founding the ESH series here.

We work hard to ensure our events are safe, inclusive spaces for all. For more information, you can read our Accessibility Policy and Code of Conduct (including complaints procedure) here or our data and privacy policy here.

Our mission is to:

Our goal is to create workflows that are:

We support the Vienna Principles for collaboration on development of automation in systematic reviews.

If you would like to support our work, you can donate via our ESMARConf Open Collective fiscal host - our fully transparent ccounts for funding work related to ESH and ESMARConf (the Evidence Synthesis and Meta-Analysis in R Conference).


The Evidence Synthesis Hackathon series relies on generous funding from a number of supporters to progress our goals of making evidence synthesis faster, cheaper, and more reliable. If you are interested in supporting our activities then please contact us.

Our work has received generous support from the following organisations:

Stockholm Environment Institute Africa Centre for Evidence