We invite you to join us for the Evidence Synthesis Hackathon’s online Evidence Synthesis & Meta-Analysis in R Conference (#ESMARConf), to be held on January 21st and 22nd 2021.

The abstract submission system will be open until the 1st December 2020. Decisions will be made and applicants notified by December 14th.

We are interested in talks that address any of the following:

  • Presentations of packages designed to assist reviewers across evidence synthesis stages, from planning to communication
  • Demonstrations integrating evidence synthesis packages into an interoperable pipeline in R
  • Novel applications of R packages in an evidence synthesis context
  • Automating evidence synthesis in R
  • Assisting novices to R in performing evidence syntheses with the aid of graphical user interfaces

We encourage you to submit an abstract if you have:

  • Developed an R package focused on some aspect of evidence synthesis (including systematic review, evidence maps, scoping reviews, rapid reviews) or meta-analysis (including quantitative synthesis methods like meta-regression, network meta-analysis, etc.);
  • Combined multiple different packages in R designed for evidence synthesis or meta-analysis in a novel way; or
  • Used an R package developed for other purposes (e.g. bibliometrix) in an evidence synthesis or meta-analysis.

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You may read the Evidence Synthesis Hackathon’s Data and Privacy Policy relating to the information you submit here.

See the bottom of the page for a summary of the information you will need to provide as part of the abstract submission.

Many thanks,

The ESMARConf organisers:
Matthew Grainger
Eliza Grames
Neal Haddaway
Emily Hennessy
Ciara Keenan
Luke McGuiness
Martin Westgate

Summary of information requested during submission (* required information):
About you:
1. Your name*
2. Your email address*
3. Your affiliation*
Personal statement:
4. Please tell us in <500 characters [c. 100 words] about your background (do you come from research, industry, coding as a hobby, what discipline do you work in?)*
5. Please tell us <500 characters [c. 100 words] why you want to attend the ESMARConf*
6. What experience do you have in evidence synthesis (including systematic review, evidence maps, scoping reviews, rapid reviews)? [scale of 0-4]*
7. What experience do you have in R? [scale of 0-4]*
Your submission:
8. Please select a theme for your presentation (ES = evidence synthesis, MA = meta-analysis)*
9. Please select the type of presentation you wish to give [short presentation/digital poster]*
10. Your abstract (max. 1,500 characters, c. 300 words)*
Further information:
11. What time zone will you be in during the conference (21/01/2020 - 22/01/2020)*
12. Please let us know any information you feel we need to know about your submission or presentation, including anything that we could do to make it easier for you to participate. We will try our hardest to accommodate everyone wherever possible.