Canberra 2019 | Discussions

Future of research synthesis - Utopia or dystopia? | Proposed Academic Paper

The number of publications has been increasing exponentially, and as a result, so has the research field of evidence synthesis. Consequently, there is now a need to maintain the quality, currency and credibility of evidence synthesis approaches. Within this commentary, we aim to provide a vision for evidence synthesis as a fundamental tool for generating and guiding decision-making. This paper will be aimed at all stakeholders, including researchers, institutions, and the broader general community.


Making primary research synthesis ready | Proposed Academic Paper

Evidence synthesis relies on primary research that is reliable, transparent, and where key information is readily accessible and useful for broader synthesis. We propose a succinct list of ideal attributes that primary research articles should report as standard so that they are more likely to be found and included in evidence syntheses. We discuss how implementing these changes to primary research reporting might be incentivised for authors, peer reviewers, editors, journals, and institutions such changes and this broad across medicine, environment, ecology, and social science disciplines.